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Smfashionhouse was established in 2017 to inspire people in the diaspora to renew a sense of pride in their African culture. We wanted to create a channel for men & women to find confidence in self-expression, to be bold in their outfit choices and shameless about what they believe in!

Our mission is to create a lifestyle brand that showcases the beauty of African fashion by merging vibrant African fabrics with ‘Western’ silhouettes to create the ‘African-meets-Western’ look. It is our goal to create a brand that encompasses all aspects of our daily lives – from casual clothing, to nightwear, gym wear to formal wear.

We offer clothing for people in the diaspora that are proud of their African heritage – people who love to make a statement and want to wear outfits that make people proud when they walk into a room.

wearing unique, well made, African can inspired more than enough . Step into our world where its full of color, but not just color for the sake of it color that imbibes the richness of our culture! Patterns that have a meaning behind them and cuts that make you feel like the royalty you really are.

This is what snfashionhouse stands for.

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